Back-end Development Service

Working behind the scenes to provide a better website experience

Back-end Development, also called server-side development, involves behind-the-scenes activities that users cannot see. It mainly focuses on APIs, servers, databases, etc. Our back-end developers write the necessary codes to help browsers communicate with databases, store, read, update, and delete data from the database. The back-end developers at Hireh Consulting have knowledge and expertise in various programming languages, frameworks, and tools. As a web development company in Ontario, we use these technologies and tools to manage various back-end development services for your projects.

Some of Our Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage and develop Application Programming Interface or APIs
  • Develop system architecture and make it functional across various devices
  • Keep your web applications updated and safe
  • Support front-end development
  • Develop Content Management System
  • Store and manage data
  • Implement algorithms and resolve issues concerning the same (if any)

Why choose Hireh Consulting for back-end development services?

Skilled professionals

The back-end developers at Hireh Consulting are skilled in their respective fields to help develop a website and mobile applications.

Timely delivery

We ensure delivery of your projects right on time, i.e., the agreed-upon deadline.

Transparent communication

We maintain transparency while communicating with you to understand your project needs properly, updating you about the progress of the project till its execution.


We offer back-end development services at a competitive price. In addition, you may ask for a customized quote as per your needs.

Our Back-end Development Services in Ontario

Web Application Development

The back-end of a website involves the server, database and application. The back-end developers at Hireh Consulting helps build and manage your website applications using the required tools and technologies concerning these components. Their focus is to ensure that the back-end development activities support your front-end functionalities.

Mobile App Development

Back-end development focuses on ensuring the proper functioning of your mobile applications. While building mobile apps and managing the same, we prioritize architecture, database and scripting. Reach us for your mobile app requirements, and our developers will help build the same.

Maintenance and Support Services

Our back-end developers at Hireh Consulting offers regular maintenance and support services for your website and mobile applications.

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