Link Building

Drive audience from external sources

Our SEO experts at Hireh Consulting perform link-building activities to help businesses acquire backlinks for their websites. It further helps them drive web traffic from various sources and eventually helps in improving ranking on SERPs.

Does your business need to focus on link-building activities?

The following are some of the crucial reasons why we recommend and offer link-building as a part of SEO services in Ontario to our clients.

Improves Credibility

External links from authoritative sites help in improving the credibility of your site. Search Engines, such as Google, aims to provide users with relevant results based on their search queries. Therefore, the more quality links are directed towards your website, the higher search engines would consider your site credible.

Improve Search Ranking & Web Traffic

Google considers the number of quality backlinks a site has to rank them on SERPs. Hence, besides creating and optimizing valuable, relevant and engaging content, you need to earn backlinks from authoritative websites to improve your search rankings. It helps drive relevant audiences from authoritative websites to your site.

Internal links

Our link-building services focus on creating backlinks and include internal links. Backlinks are crucial for driving audiences from external sources. However, internal links help search engines to navigate your site effectively. Moreover, they encourage your audience to spend more time exploring your site. It will help reduce bounce rates, further boosting your rankings on SERPs.

Increase sales

As backlinks from reputed sites help drive more traffic to your website, it helps you improve your rankings on SERPs. It will further help more prospects find your business whom you can convert to paid customers.

Earn referral traffic

Creating a permanent link on authoritative websites can help you drive regular web traffic from those sources.

Improve visibility

Link-building improves not just search rankings but also lead generation. For instance, if you want to target audiences in any specific location, link-building can help you in this regard.