Display Banner Advertisement services

Promote your brand offering with display banner ads

Display Banner ads are similar to digital billboards, where you use relevant images to support your ad copies while promoting brand offerings. The purpose of display banner ads is to promote a brand or encourage audiences to visit your website. We at Hireh Consulting help create various types of display banner ads for different digital platforms such as websites, social media, etc.

Reasons to Include Display Banner Ads In Your Overall Digital Advertising Campaigns


Designing display banner ads and hosting them on various digital platforms is a cost-effective advertising method. We can help design your display banner ads as per the platform guidelines where you are hosting your ads.

Target your audiences

Regardless of the platform, you are hosting your ads on, they effectively drive the audience’s attention. Therefore, placing your ads on the right platform can help reach relevant audiences likely to become leads and eventually customers for your business.


Unless and until there is a difference in your offers (limited period offer, offer valid on specific products/services), you can use the same display banner ad on multiple platforms. In addition, we can help create banner ads in various sizes depending on the hosting platform.

Use display banner ads to announce special discounts

Announcing your ongoing promotional campaigns is an effective way to increase sales and conversion. However, every time you launch a new offer, remember to create display banner ads to maximize profit. Our professionals at Hireh Consulting can help.

How can we help?

Hireh Consulting can help design the following types of display banner ads.

Flash Banners

These are animated banners. Often these are interactive and respond as per the user's mouse movement on the banner. Sometimes, we can use a short video accompanied by background sounds. At other times, we might use a single image that transforms into something different in this type of display banners ads. However, users need Adobe Flash Player to view these types of ads.

Animated GIF Banners

We may also create an animated GIF banner ad using text and images in GIF format. These types of display banner ads don’t require any plugins for viewing. Moreover, mobile users also don't experience any difficulties viewing these banner ads on their mobile devices.

Static Banners

They appear in a single frame and don't contain any animated objects. Sometimes, they might include a color-changing text or something similar, but the frame remains static.

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