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Customized blog post design templates, make your blogs stand out.

We at Hireh Consulting can help optimize the appearance, branding, readability, and functionality of your blogs with customized blog post design templates. The purpose is to increase the number of visitors, encourage them to spend more time on your website, and improve conversion. A huge number of blogs are published every day with great themes as background. To survive in this competitive market, you need a great blog post design to make your blogs stand out and easily recognizable.

While optimized blog content is crucial for ranking and increasing web visitors, you cannot ignore the significance of its design and appearance. They can help support your content to ensure its success. Great blog post design doesn’t ensure the quality of your content. However, many audiences judge the quality of your content by its appearance. With great design, you can ensure your audience’s willingness to check your blogs. Our professional graphic designers can help create customized designs for your blog posts.

How can we help?

While designing your blog posts, we ensure taking care of the following crucial elements.


We ensure that the background and foreground colors are in contrast to improve the readability of your content. Besides, we also maintain adequate line spacing to help audiences read longer paragraphs easily.

Focus on the content

We put enough effort into designing your blog posts. However, we do not intend to shift your audience's focus from content to design. Hence, we avoid using distracting items in the background to ensure that your audience focuses on the content.


We help create a strong navigation design to encourage audiences to click on other sections of your site. Often using hierarchical navigation can help the audience find other sections easily.

Comment section

The comment section is a critical aspect of your blog as it allows your audiences to share their opinion and engage in discussion. Hence, while designing the comment section, we ensure your audiences feel welcome sharing their thoughts.

Integration with social media channels

Often audiences are interested in sharing content they have enjoyed reading. Therefore, we add the required functionalities to ensure that your audience can share your blog on their preferred platforms without any difficulty.

Using visuals in the content

We help design the images within your blog posts to ensure their success. If required, we also help add figure captions to make them more meaningful and attractive to your audience.

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