Graphic Elements Design Services

Add attractive graphic elements to improve your website appearance.

The graphic designers at Hireh Consulting play and experiment with various elements of design such as color, texture, space, line, shape, etc., to improve the aesthetics of your website. They use these elements to evoke a certain feeling or convey a mood to drive your audiences’ attention. Besides logos, backgrounds, website layout, etc., we can also add various visual elements to your website. The purpose is to improve your website’s visual appearance and represent the true essence of your brand. You may not know, but adding a different pattern of text, typography, menu style, etc., to your website can change the way people view your brand.

A few examples of graphic element design to add to your website

Animated cursors

With the help of JavaScript, we can animate objects on your website. As a result, we can add custom cursors in various shapes and figures to your website.

Rotated Text

This type of text is pretty common in graphic design posters. It can give an editorial look to your website. However, this type of text is meant for decoration only.

Misaligned card

We have used it in both informal and elegant styles. These cards have floating text partially outside the background to create a depth effect.

Gravestone Image

It includes an image with a top border to give a gravestone-like appearance to the full composition.

Arrow link

Using an arrow as a link is a trending graphic element design used in minimal and formal designs.

Dynamic 3D object

We use a 3D scene as a background and synchronize scrolling content with it in this type of layout.

Framed viewport

We have often used this design to present crucial CTAs in various ways on formal websites.

When designing graphic elements, as a graphic design agency in Ontario, Hireh Consulting can present you with various options. In addition, we can experiment with various graphic elements to help your website stand out from your competitors and create a positive brand impression to your audiences.

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