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Search Engines such as Google prioritizes websites with responsive design while ranking them on SERPs. Hence, businesses must make their website responsive to improve their search rankings. Further, your audiences also consider businesses with such websites in high regard. Therefore, an effective web design can appeal to your audiences and search engines. If you fail to put enough effort while designing your website, you are at a high risk of losing prospective business opportunities. As a web design agency in Wallaceburg, Ontario, Hireh Consulting is aware of the key design features that make your website effective. Let our professionals take care of the designing aspects of your website.

What Makes Your Website Design Effective?

Site purpose

What is the purpose of your website? Offering various products or services? Providing education? The purpose of your site plays a significant role in helping our designers decide the best-suited design for your website to create a strong brand impression.

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Nowadays, your audiences are likely to access your website using various devices. Creating a mobile-friendly responsive design will ensure that they can view it irrespective of the device they use to visit your site.


Your website features are crucial to making your website interesting and dynamic. Based on the business goals you have set to achieve with your website, we can help design the contact forms, various call-to-action buttons, social sharing buttons, and other forms of widgets. These features are another critical aspect that we always keep in mind while designing your website. The purpose of including these features in a strategic position is to ensure an increase in conversion and sales.

Site Maintenance

Besides designing your website, we also help in site maintenance. Based on the software we are using to design websites for our clients, we are often responsible for their regular updates.

Our Web Designing Services

Responsive web design

We help create mobile-friendly responsive designs for your websites.


Our website design services provide a better user experience to your audience.

Website layout design

We help create visually appealing website designs that help improve conversion and sales.

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