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Effective Landing Page designs, convert leads into paid customers.

A website landing page is an effective tool to collect your audience’s contact information in exchange for a resource such as monthly newsletters, an ebook, etc. Hireh Consulting is a web design agency in Wallaceburg, Ontario that ensures including effective lead-generation forms in your website landing page to help you include critical information about your audience.

Ideally, your landing page should include the following elements

A headline and a sub-headline

A brief detail of your offers

A relevant image or a video

Contact Form to gather your audience’s information

Visible call-to-action button

May include testimonials, customer logos, etc.

How can landing pages help your business?

Landing pages of your website can help your business in the following ways

Improve Conversions

Creating a page dedicated solely to promoting a specific offer or helping your audiences take action in the next step provides value to your audience. In addition, it further encourages your website visitors to provide their contact details in exchange for a reward.

Provide insights into your target audience's interest

By creating specific landing pages for particular offers, you can track conversion for each page. It will further help you learn more about your audience's interests.

Help grow your email subscriber list

On the promise of offering your audiences a reward, you collect their contact information, such as their names and emails. It helps you create your email subscriber list. Further, you can send them regularly personalized emails to keep them informed about ongoing offers. Finally, it helps generate more leads you can convert into paid customers.

Allows you to test designs

You can try different versions of designs and copes for your landing pages. It will help you track their performances to identify which one works in favor of your target audience.

Increase brand value

A well-designed landing page can help create a good first impression for your business. Moreover, you can use this space to present your offerings and how they can benefit them. A landing page can help improve brand recognition and nurture your leads to convert them into sales in the future.

Hireh Consulting helps design an effective landing page for your business

We know what makes your landing pages effective. Hence, we consider the following aspects while designing your landing pages.


Removing navigation elements from your landing pages will help your audience focus on its content. It further will increase the conversion rate.

Short and simple contact forms

Keeping contact forms short and direct can help improve business conversion.

Focus communication

We have developed strategies to drive your audience to your landing pages. Therefore, your landing page visitors will be expecting a specific offer on your page. Furthermore, we ensure that the promise of reward that we have shared to drive audiences to your landing page will match the content copy mentioned there.

Valuable offers

Your visitors are likely to share their contact information only if they consider the rewards offered on your landing page as valuable. Therefore, you need to present a compelling offer for your landing pages.


We help track the number of your landing page visits and their sources to optimize your digital marketing campaigns accordingly.

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