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Your email recipients often take a brief look at your emails to determine whether they offer them any value. Otherwise, the chances are high that they would abandon your emails. Hence, you need great email layout designs. It can help you drive your audience’s attention so that they go through the entire email to check your message. We at Hireh Consulting can help create great email layout designs to improve email open-rates and click-through rates. It further will increase the chances of a higher conversion rate.

How can Hireh Consulting help?

We are a graphic design agency in Ontario that can help design your email layout to make your email marketing efforts more effective. We consider the following aspects while designing your email layouts.

  • We use the same color and font you have used for other branding and digital marketing activities to help your audience recognize your emails from the rest.
  • We encourage including your business logo, website URL, social media account links, and relevant call to action in your emails. It helps improve brand awareness and boost conversion.
  • We consider user experience while including text and images in your email layout design to help the audience consume the email content better.
  • We ensure using relevant images in your emails to hold your audience’s attention through your email message. In addition, we might use relevant animations or GIFs to make your emails appear more interesting and encourage audience engagement.
  • We help create responsive email layout designs to ensure a clear display of emails irrespective of your audience’s mobile devices to open them.
  • We recommend using relevant call-to-action in your emails to improve conversion.
  • We always A/B test different aspects of email layout design, such as color scheme, images, tone, etc., to identify what works best for your audience. It helps us optimize your email layout design further.
  • We help create an email signature by including your name, business name, contact details, job title/ role, social media links, etc. Emails with this type of personalized signature make your audience feel that a company representative is reaching out to them. It further encourages them to engage with your brand.

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