When you hire a marketing agency, you employ them to plan and implement various marketing activities on your company’s behalf. However, when you hire a marketing consultant, you are seeking their advice and guidance in developing effective strategies to meet long-term business goals. A marketing consultant is more focused and involved in the strategy development phase. As a business owner, hiring a digital marketing agency that also acts as a consultant for new businesses would be helpful.

A digital marketing agency offers a set of services to achieve campaign goals. However, a digital marketing consultant will evaluate the current state of your business and its challenges. Accordingly, they will work with senior officials for broader strategy development with a focus on improving the long-term growth of your company.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Marketing Agency cum Consultant

Hiring a marketing consultant for your business can help you get the needed guidance to set a roadmap for success. Let’s discuss the benefits further.

Focused on your business’s success

Ideally, digital agencies focus on the results of the marketing channels used to reach campaign goals. Their job is limited to developing and implementing strategies based on business goals and monitoring the result for further optimization. On the other hand, a consultant is more interested in helping the business grow using the tools and channels they have at hand. Instead of specific marketing goals, they are more focused on overall business growth.

Every consultant has a specific job assigned to them. For instance, a financial consultant will ensure that your business is spending their financial resources effectively. Further, an operational consultant will help introduce new processes to improve efficiency. Similarly, a marketing consultant will gather helpful insights and use relevant marketing channels to drive company revenue for business growth. Therefore, hiring a digital agency cum consultant will help create better growth-oriented strategies.

Flexible in approach

Marketing agencies cum consultants are flexible in their approach. They have years of professional experience and knowledge in their field. With a focus on driving your business forward, they can use their expertise to build effective marketing strategies. Further, they will evaluate their strategies and their results from time to time. If needed, they will change their approach and strategies to bring better business results.

Make effective use of time

A business has various aspects that need to function at their optimum level for the success of a business. Hiring a digital marketing agency cum consultant will ensure the proper functioning of marketing aspects. While the consultant part will focus on determining the marketing approach of your business, the agency part will employ the use of professionals, such as SEO strategists, social media marketers, content writers, etc., for the smooth running of marketing campaigns. As a result, while your marketing agency cum consultants take over your marketing aspects, you will be free to shift your focus to other aspects of your business.

Use data to inform the business

An agency utilizes data to optimize its campaign to improve marketing results. However, a consultant uses data to inform businesses of various critical insights of their audiences. Combining the two can further help boost your overall business growth. Let’s explain it further.

Digital marketers can acquire real-time customer data through analytics and various other tools. This data is not just limited to campaign performance but also provides insights regarding audience demographics, behaviour, etc. Whether you are a small or mid-sized company, this data can be quite helpful for growing your business.

For instance, if you are running online advertising, you are testing different versions of your ads, audiences, messaging strategies, etc. Analyzing the results of these ad tests will inform you about critical aspects, such as product development, brand messaging strategy, etc. Similarly, you can use CRM software to inform and empower your sales team, which can further benefit your online advertising and financial aspects of your business.

You can reap these benefits only by hiring a digital agency cum consultant that will evaluate user data deeply and offer consultation and recommendations based on their analysis results.

Improve ROI

Marketing consultants are an investment for your company. Based on their guidance and recommendations, you can drive revenue and grow your business. Marketing agencies cum consultants have access to various tools and software. Additionally, armed with their knowledge and expertise, they can build strategies that focus on your overall business growth. Considering the result you can expect to achieve by hiring an agency that prides itself as a consultant, they are worth it.

A marketing agency cum consultant will offer you an unbiased outside perspective about things needed to be done to boost your business growth. HireH Consulting is a digital marketing agency that also acts as a business consultant. We will analyze your business, competitors, and the market to help develop strategies that focus on bringing better marketing and business results.

Businesses can run social media marketing campaigns to promote their brand to relevant social media users. This type of campaign focuses on brand promotion on one or multiple social media channels to meet various marketing goals. Your goals can be varied, such as spreading brand awareness, launching a new product, promoting any upcoming campaign for a new product or service, any holiday sales, etc. Proper planning allows you to use social media successfully to generate leads and improve sales and conversion. It is better to consult an experienced social media marketing company in Ontario to build an effective campaign for your business.

 7 Steps to Build Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is not about just publishing random posts at a random time. Instead, a lot of planning goes into developing a successful campaign. We hope you find the following steps helpful when building your social media marketing strategies.

Setting campaign goals

Your entire campaign is based on your goals. You need to know the purpose of your campaign to build strategies effectively. When determining goals, ensure they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. For instance, how do you define spreading brand awareness? Is it driving more web traffic or increasing social media followers? If so, how many followers or traffic do you want to drive? What is the time frame within which you want to achieve this result? After setting campaign goals, you need to identify metrics against which you will measure your campaign’s performance. Ideally, the metrics you should measure for brand awareness are online brand mentions, website traffic, engagement rate, etc.

Create buyer personas

Now that you know your goal, it is time to identify your target audiences. You can only achieve your goals if you target the right audience for your campaign. Hence, you need to understand your audience. A buyer persona contains details of your ideal customer. It will likely include information concerning their demographics, interests, pain points, preferred social media channels, etc. It will further help you to create brand messages that your target audience can resonate with.

Competitor Analysis

Along with knowing your audiences, you also need to analyze your competitors’ strategies. The reason is that both of you share similar target audiences. As you are in the planning stage, take a close look at what your competitors are doing. It includes –

Checking your competitor’s strategies can help you understand what type of campaign your audiences prefer. Further, you can also identify opportunities your competitors should have explored and include them in your campaign.

Select social media channels

Analyzing your target audiences’ behaviour can help you identify their preferred social media channels. Besides, assessing your competitor’s strategies will help you determine which channels they focus more on to reach their audiences. Both these factors will further help you identify the channels for developing your social media marketing strategies. Each channel has its best practices. Additionally, the ideal posting frequency and content type also vary based on social media channels. Therefore, you need to plan your strategies based on selected channels. Moreover, you may have to make minor changes in your content based on the platforms on which you are publishing.

Select the content type and format

Next, it is time to determine the type and format of the content you should create for your social media campaign. For instance, what type of content you should publsih? Should you collaborate with relevant influencers in your niche to promote your business? Orshould you ask your existing customers to share user-generated content? You can create smaller videos or attractive visual content to boost engagement.

Create a social media calendar

Creating a social media calendar can help you outline your content throughout your campaign. It will further ensure that you don’t miss out on anything significant. When creating a calendar, include

Track your campaign performance and measure results

Once you create and publish your social media content, it is time to monitor their performance to measure the results. For instance, you can check the engagement rate for your posts. You can also use various tools to measure results on different platforms. It can include page likes, link clicks, post shares, etc. All these critical insights about your campaign can further help you modify your campaign to get better results.

How HireH Consulting Can Help?

HireH Consulting is a social media agency in Wallaceburg, Ontario. We can help build effective social media business marketing campaigns. Whether you are a start-up or own a large organization, we can help set your campaign goals. Further, we can help identify your target audience, analyze your campaign strategies and create appropriate social media content for your campaign. We regularly monitor your campaign performance and test different strategies to achieve better business results.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is critical to help your website rank higher on the 1st page of SERP for related search queries. Effective use of SEO ensures driving quality web traffic by looking for solutions similar to what your brand offers. The more relevant visitors your website receives, the higher the chance of lead generation and business conversion. An SEO Agency in Ontario can help improve your organic ranking and traffic, which will make way for better sales and conversion.

6 reasons to hire an SEO agency

An SEO agency is updated with SEO best practices and helps develop effective strategies customized to meet your needs. For instance, you can own a business, portfolio, or an eCommerce website. An SEO agency will run an SEO audit and provide you with suggestions for improved ranking and traffic. Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring an SEO agency for your business.

Saves time

SEO activities are time-consuming, and many business owners can’t afford to perform on their own due to their commitment to other aspects of a business. As a result, hiring an SEO agency can help save their time. They are responsible for performing the following activities –

No additional expenses on SEO tools and training

SEO is continuously changing. If you want your in-house team to take care of all SEO activities, you’ll require investing in their training regularly to keep them updated with changing trends. Further, you will have to bear additional expenses for purchasing SEO tools.

On the other hand, an SEO agency houses skilled SEO professionals who are always updated about changing SEO trends and have access to various SEO tools. Outsourcing SEO services will help save you money without compromising on SEO efforts for your business.

Getting assistance from experts

Hiring an SEO agency means a team of experts is there to provide you with the needed assistance to help improve your website’s organic ranking and traffic. Based on their years of experience and serving diverse industries, they can help develop effective strategies to meet the SEO needs of your business. Moreover, search engines release updates frequently, which business owners may find challenging to keep track of. It may further affect their traffic and ranking. An SEO agency will stay updated about these trends and ensure your website is not losing traffic because of search engine updates.

They will also monitor your website for indexing issues, loss of ranking and traffic, manual actions, and other issues. They can diagnose issues concerning algorithm penalties and traffic drops and develop a plan to resolve them.

Help grow your business

Your website is the first online point of contact between your potential customers and your business. When it comes to looking for specific products, services, or information, people rely on search engines for relevant results. Hence, your website must rank high on SERP’s 1st page for relevant queries to drive quality web traffic, which can later convert to leads and customers. In this regard, a professional SEO agency can help you. Based on your business, audience, and website type, they can help develop effective strategies to improve your organic ranking and traffic, thereby creating opportunities for business growth.

Taking accountability

An SEO agency will likely provide a free SEO audit and keyword research report for your website. Upon analyzing your website, they will list out the SEO activities they will perform for your website. In addition, they will also provide you with an approximate timeframe it would take for results to show. SEO is an organic process, and you may need to wait for approximately 4 to 6 months to start experiencing improvements. Further, they continuously monitor your website and keyword performance on SERP and modify strategies to get better results. Their sense of accountability is one of the reasons business owners rely on them to get better organic results for their websites. To avoid being misled by random SEO companies, ensure that the company you are entrusting your SEO activities is reliable and has shown proven results for other businesses.

Monthly report on keyword positioning

An SEO agency will work with you to create a list of relevant keywords on which they will focus their SEO efforts. Further, they will provide you with monthly reports on keyword positioning. It will give you an insight into how well the selected keywords are performing on search engines. Besides, based on changing keyword positioning, an SEO agency can modify strategies to boost its ranking on SERP.

Why should you hire HireH Consulting as your SEO agency?

HireH Consulting offers full-suite SEO Services in Ontario. Our services include performing an SEO audit, keyword research, optimizing technical and on-page aspects of your website, and developing effective link-building strategies. In addition, we provide detailed reports on our monthly SEO activities and reports on keyword positioning on SERP. It will help you keep track of our SEO efforts and the results we have achieved for your website. From consultation to execution, we maintain transparent communication with our clients so that they can have a clear understanding of what to expect from our SEO strategies. Regardless of the nature of your business, we can help develop effective strategies customized for you to help boost your search visibility and improve organic ranking and traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aim to improve your website’s ranking on SERPs for search queries related to your services and drive quality web traffic. However, they use different methods to achieve this goal. Their main difference is that SEO focuses on website optimization for improved ranking and traffic in organic search results. On the other hand, SEM uses both organic and paid means to achieve the same goal. Both are crucial marketing methods for your business. You can hire a digital marketing agency in Wallaceburg, Ontario, to develop effective SEO and SEM campaigns to improve your website’s search visibility and ranking.

Difference between SEO and SEM

Google’s search results display both organic and paid search results. Let us discuss the differences between these two forms of marketing methods.


Organic search results are websites displayed below the sponsored websites. SEO aims to implement various strategies to help your website rank high in the organic search results for search queries relevant to your business.

Paid search results appear on the top of the SERP and are marked by the term ‘sponsored .’SEM utilizes strategies to help your website rank high in both organic and paid search results. It includes both SEO and pay-per-click advertising to achieve this result.

Main Features

SEO involves strategies to help optimize your website to boost its search rankings. In this regard, they perform various activities on and outside your website to improve their SERP rankings. You can hire an SEO agency in Ontario to develop effective strategies to boost your website’s rankings on search engine results. The following are different SEO services an SEO professional will offer.

Other critical SEO services they will perform to build effective strategies are –

On the other hand, SEM involves both SEO and various different paid advertising strategies. In addition to the above-mentioned SEO services, SEM also involves –

SEM also considers the following aspects of paid advertisement. These include –

When running paid ad campaigns, it is better to research different ad platforms to understand how they deliver ads. It would help you optimize your ads accordingly to achieve better results. Hiring a PPC service company in Ontario can help you run efficient ad campaigns for your business.

Time to get results

Usually, you will immediately start getting results for paid ad campaigns. On the other hand, it might take approximately three to six months for your SEO efforts to show results. It is better to remember that SEO or SEM professionals can’t guarantee the time it will take for you to notice results from your marketing efforts. However, when you stop running your ads, you will stop earning results from them. On the contrary, if you succeed in getting better ranking and traffic from your SEO efforts, it will likely stay the same for some time, even after you stop with your SEO efforts.

When to use?

SEO can be your best choice for the following situations

On the other hand, you can choose paid methods for the following reasons-

How can HireH Consulting help with your SEO and SEM campaign?

Experts advise developing effective SEO strategies as a part of your overall SEM campaign. Combining SEO and PPC advertising campaigns can help you achieve better results for your business. Both these methods can complement each other. You can use them to learn more about your audiences, their demographics, preferences, interests, and the search phrases they use when looking for products and services similar to what you offer. Accordingly, you can optimize your organic and paid search strategies for better results. Hireh Consulting is a trusted digital marketing agency in Wallaceburg, Ontario. We can help develop effective SEO, PPC, or SEM strategies for your business to achieve your marketing goals.

Marketing is critical for businesses to boost their brand awareness and increase sales. As people mostly rely on various online platforms when searching for information, products, and services, your business needs a strong digital presence to reach your target audiences. A digital marketing agency in Wallaceburg, Ontario, is responsible for developing strategies to help grow your business through increased sales and profit.

Working with them implies you get an extended version of our in-house marketing team. Besides, they have access to tools to gain valuable insights to shape your future digital marketing strategies. Therefore, if you want your business to succeed, you must work with a digital marketing agency.

Reasons to Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

Businesses can greatly benefit by working with a digital marketing agency. Let’s discuss them further.

Boost your business’s online presence

In the present world, no one can deny the significance of the digital world. Global audiences spend a significant time of their day browsing through the internet or using them for entertainment purposes. If your business is not found online, you risk losing out on business opportunities. It is a severe hindrance to your growth. Hiring a digital marketing agency can help solve your problem. They understand that not every business can benefit from all digital platforms. As a result, based on your business and audience types, they help identify the most relevant digital channels to promote your business. Accordingly, they help develop effective digital marketing strategies to boost your online presence, reach target audiences, and generate leads and businesses.

Build your brand awareness

As mentioned, a digital marketing agency can help promote your business on relevant digital platforms to reach your target customers. The purpose is to reach the right audience on the right channel at the right time. It helps spread brand awareness, critical for lead generation and business conversion.

Boost SERP ranking

One of the critical benefits of working with a digital marketing agency is that they can help optimize your website for search engines and audiences. For this purpose, they will perform keyword research and run an SEO audit on your website. It will help them develop and implement effective technical, on-page and off-page SEO strategies. It will help boost your website’s SERP rankings for relevant search queries, which will further help drive relevant web traffic. The more relevant traffic visits your website, the higher the possibility of generating leads and businesses.

Manage social media presence

Social media management is time-consuming. Whether creating, publishing and sharing relevant and engaging content, providing quality customer service, or developing positive relationships with customers – it takes up much of your time. However, when implemented successfully, social media marketing can help meet your short-term and long-term business goals. That’s why you need the help of a digital marketing agency. They will help identify your target audiences and their preferred social media channels. Accordingly, they will help develop effective strategies to build your social media presence and connect you to the right audiences.

Implement effective content marketing

Regardless of the digital marketing you choose for your business’s online promotion, the success of it depends significantly on content. Hiring a digital marketing agency ensures the creation of the right content for the right platform for effective business marketing. From blogs and articles to engaging and visually appealing social media posts to engaging in discussion forums, they can help create content in various formats to boost your overall digital marketing efforts.

Run effective email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences and promote campaigns based on their position on the sales funnel. Because of the personalized nature of the campaigns, they are highly effective in boosting sales and conversion. Hiring a digital marketing agency makes the smooth running of these campaigns. They can help develop effective strategies to drive traffic, build relationships, spread brand awareness, generate leads, improve sales, etc.

Run PPC marketing

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing allows businesses to run digital advertising campaigns for targeted audiences. When done effectively, these advertising campaigns are cost-effective and help boost your sales and conversion. A digital marketing agency can help plan and implement effective PPC ad campaigns to increase your ROI.

Boost your lead generation efforts

The more relevant leads you generate for your business, the higher the chance of converting them into businesses. Understanding this, a digital marketing agency can help design effective lead-generation strategies involving creating landing pages, online forms, etc.

Improve CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, involves optimizing your websites to improve conversion rates. It includes adding appropriate call-to-actions throughout the website to encourage visitors to take the next action towards conversion. It can be newsletter sign-ups, online form submission, purchasing, etc. A digital marketing agency can help develop effective strategies to improve the percentage of web visitors to take the desired action on your website.

How can HireH Consulting help as a digital marketing agency?

HireH Consulting is a trusted digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of digital marketing services in Ontario. We focus on establishing your business as a brand to boost sales and conversion. In addition, our services include developing effective SEO strategies, performing link-building activities to drive traffic, managing your business’s social media presence, and running email marketing and PPC ad campaigns. We focus on helping our clients achieve their business goals and earn sales and profit. If you also want to grow your business, hire our digital marketing professionals for successful campaigns.

The ultimate goal of every brand is to grow their business through improving sales and profit. As a brand, you may have built your website to promote your business online. In addition, you may have decided which digital channels to utilize to market your business. But will this guarantee the success of your digital marketing campaign? Unless you have clear goals in mind and a better understanding of the market, how can you develop effective digital marketing strategies or ensure its success? This blog will discuss the critical factors Brands and Marketers should consider for successful digital marketing campaign.

7 Critical Factors for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Hireh Consulting is here to help you consider these aspects to develop effective strategies for your business.

Establish Clear Business Goals

You must set clear goals before you invest in brand promotion. This will help you develop effective strategies and set specific milestones to measure your campaign’s success. Once you set goals, you can determine the steps to achieve them. For instance, setting smaller goals, such as spreading brand awareness, increasing followers, improve audience engagement, generate leads, and finally, increase sales. The strategy for each of these goals will differ from one another.

Identify Your Target Audience

Market comprises of buyers and sellers. Regardless of B2B or B2C brands, you and your competitors are sellers, while your customers are buyers. This is why it is critical to identify your target audiences to position your brand offerings better. Otherwise, you are at the risk of losing businesses to your competitors.

You should consider the following aspects to determine your target audiences

Identify KPIs of Your Goal

Now that you know your goal and audiences, it is time to identify key performance indicators (KPIS) to measure your campaign’s success.

KPIs help determine which strategies work in favour of your goals and what needs optimization. Measure the data that represents human experience. For instance, when you compare your web traffic and the average time spent on each page, you can determine whether your web content matches with user intent. Similarly, increases audience engagement on social media or signing up for an email newsletter signifies that your audiences are interested in your brand and its offers.

Build an Effective Marketing Funnel

The four stages of a marketing funnel are – awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty. The purpose of business marketing is to target audiences at each stage and help them move ahead in the funnel. We said earlier to set strategy according to your marketing goals. Let us explain how to set your marketing strategy in reference to this funnel

Creating Relevant Content

Content is a critical aspect of Digital Marketing and plays a significant role in your success. Once you identify your audiences and the stage they are on the marketing funnel, you need to create appropriate content for them. For instance, the content in the awareness and consideration stage focuses more on informing audiences about your brand and its offers. On the other hand, the content in the conversion stage focuses on presenting attractive offers to convert leads to sales.

Besides relevancy, you also need to determine other factors to develop an effective content marketing plan. These are –

Create an Email List

As a brand you may plan to run PPC or social media ads. But who will be the target recipients of your email? So, you could create an email list of prospects and newsletter subscribers. Audiences on your email list consist of the ones who are interested in your brand and its offers or have previously engaged with your business. This list is critical to increase sales and also earn brand loyalty. For instance, you can send regular emails to keep audiences updated about your new products, offers, special deals, coupons, etc.

The following tips might help build email list with quality subscribers

Email marketing is also effective in nurturing leads and converting them to sales. It presents you with an opportunity to build long-term relationship with your prospects.

Monitor Conversions

Regardless of your digital marketing efforts, you need to monitor conversions to determine the success of your digital marketing campaign. You can measure conversions for various actions, such as opening your email, signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, etc.

A conversion rate between 2% and 5% is considered good. You need to divide the total number of conversions by the number of people who interacted with a piece of content to get the conversion rate. Otherwise, you can simply use tools such as Google Analytics to measure it.

Monitoring conversion is critical to determine which campaigns are successful in achieving your business goals and which needs improvements.

Considering these aspects, we hope you can ensure the success of your Digital Marketing Campaign. Every business has their unique market and audience requirements. This is why a strategy that might succeed in achieving goals for one business might not provide same results for you. Hireh Consulting offers various Digital Marketing Services &we can help develop effective customized strategies made specifically for your business!