What are the different types of content marketing you can use for your business?

content marketing

Content marketing helps boost your SEO efforts, earn your audience’s trust, build authority, maintain your brand’s reputation, and offer many other benefits. You can leverage different types of content marketing to boost your overall business marketing campaign. In this regard, you can hire digital marketing services in Ontario to build effective content marketing strategies.

Creating only a specific type of content can limit your audience reach. However, you can reach a wider audience by creating various types of content. For instance, some people prefer reading blogs while for others, it can be watching videos. Then, there are others who rely on testimonials and reviews before purchasing any product. Therefore, creating diverse content can help you reach broader audience regardless of their preferences.

11 types of content marketing for your digital marketing campaign

Content plays a critical role in the success of your digital marketing campaign. With the various types of content available across the internet, you may feel overwhelmed to determine where to put your marketing efforts. Here, we will share the most common and crucial content types you must include in your business marketing campaign.


They are an essential part of your content marketing strategies. When optimized for search engines and audiences, blogs can help improve your website’s organic rankings for relevant searches and drive quality web traffic. While creating blogs, use a pillar and cluster model to organize blog topics. A pillar content provides a comprehensive overview of a topic. On the other hand, clusters are sub-topics from your pillar content. This content structure helps build your brand as an authority in your industry. Besides, they help create internal linking opportunities, which is great for SEO.


This type of content effectively presents complex ideas to your audiences in a simple form. Since they combine text and visual elements, they can help boost audience engagement. Infographics are highly shareable and can contribute to spreading brand awareness.


Many individuals prefer visual content over text. Hence, creating images and videos and publishing them on various social media channels and other digital platforms can help present your brand to a large audience. Effective video marketing can help improve web traffic, get backlinks, nurture leads, boost conversions, and influence customers’ buying decisions. Your videos can be informative, sharing tips, how-to guides, or an elaborate product demo.

Case Studies

Case studies are social proof that displays how your solutions have effectively helped your clients overcome their problems. It gives a detailed overview of your client’s issues and the solutions they seek. It is soon followed by an account of how you have analyzed their issues, built strategies, and implemented them to help your clients achieve desired results. Case studies are a great way to showcase your expertise and help establish a positive brand reputation. Further, they help your audiences understand your service and work process better.

Testimonials and Reviews

It is the most cost-effective way to generate content for your website. You must encourage your past clients to share their feedback or review your products and services. It is an excellent way of convincing your future customers about the effectiveness of your products and services.

User-generated content

Since this type of content directly involves your existing/past clients, they effectively earn the audience’s trust. For instance, besides sharing feedback and reviews, you can ask your customers to share their images and videos when using your products. They can even share their experience with your brand over podcasts, social media posts, community forums, etc. You can request them to tag your brand while sharing their content on social media or other digital channels.

Guides and how-tos

These pieces of content can help show your expertise in your field. You can share your industry knowledge to guide beginners. It can help establish your brand as an authority in your industry, create a positive brand impression, earn the audience’s trust, and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Influencer marketing

Another effective content marketing strategy is influencer marketing. Ideally, influencers have their followers. By partnering with influencers, you can promote your products and services to their followers. It will help boost your audience reach, and by leveraging your influencer partner’s credibility, you can generate leads among their followers. On your part, you need to research relevant influencers in your industry, collaborating with those who can help bring profitable results for your business.

Quizzes, surveys, polls

They are a great way to improve engagement. Additionally, quizzes and surveys can help collect valuable data about your audiences. For instance, you can use these pieces of content to gather information about your audience’s interests, preferences, demographics, etc. You can further utilize this information to deliver customized content to generate more leads and conversions.

Interactive event and content

Another effective way to build the audience’s trust is to engage with them directly. In this regard, podcasts, webinars, live streaming, etc., can help improve audience engagement. You can even record these sessions and broadcast them to future audiences. Besides, you can use these recorded versions to boost your SEO efforts.

Email marketing

They can help promote your products and services, ongoing offers and discounts, etc. You can send various types of emails, such as welcome, newsletters, ongoing promotions, etc., to build a positive relationship with your audiences, spread brand awareness, generate and nurture leads, improve conversion, etc.

You cannot ignore the role of content marketing in the success of your digital marketing campaign. You can develop effective strategies to meet the business goals based on your audience types and their preferred content. In this regard, you can leverage the content types discussed above to boost your audience reach and convert them into leads and customers. Hireh Consulting offers content marketing services in Ontario. We can help develop effective content marketing strategies to boost your digital marketing efforts in achieving desired business goals.