Social Media Marketing – How to set an effective campaign for your business?

social media marketing

Businesses can run social media marketing campaigns to promote their brand to relevant social media users. This type of campaign focuses on brand promotion on one or multiple social media channels to meet various marketing goals. Your goals can be varied, such as spreading brand awareness, launching a new product, promoting any upcoming campaign for a new product or service, any holiday sales, etc. Proper planning allows you to use social media successfully to generate leads and improve sales and conversion. It is better to consult an experienced social media marketing company in Ontario to build an effective campaign for your business.

 7 Steps to Build Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is not about just publishing random posts at a random time. Instead, a lot of planning goes into developing a successful campaign. We hope you find the following steps helpful when building your social media marketing strategies.

Setting campaign goals

Your entire campaign is based on your goals. You need to know the purpose of your campaign to build strategies effectively. When determining goals, ensure they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. For instance, how do you define spreading brand awareness? Is it driving more web traffic or increasing social media followers? If so, how many followers or traffic do you want to drive? What is the time frame within which you want to achieve this result? After setting campaign goals, you need to identify metrics against which you will measure your campaign’s performance. Ideally, the metrics you should measure for brand awareness are online brand mentions, website traffic, engagement rate, etc.

Create buyer personas

Now that you know your goal, it is time to identify your target audiences. You can only achieve your goals if you target the right audience for your campaign. Hence, you need to understand your audience. A buyer persona contains details of your ideal customer. It will likely include information concerning their demographics, interests, pain points, preferred social media channels, etc. It will further help you to create brand messages that your target audience can resonate with.

Competitor Analysis

Along with knowing your audiences, you also need to analyze your competitors’ strategies. The reason is that both of you share similar target audiences. As you are in the planning stage, take a close look at what your competitors are doing. It includes –

  • Checking your competitor’s previous campaigns, including their content type and format
  • Engagement in various campaigns
  • Type of activities includes, such as polls, giveaways, etc

Checking your competitor’s strategies can help you understand what type of campaign your audiences prefer. Further, you can also identify opportunities your competitors should have explored and include them in your campaign.

Select social media channels

Analyzing your target audiences’ behaviour can help you identify their preferred social media channels. Besides, assessing your competitor’s strategies will help you determine which channels they focus more on to reach their audiences. Both these factors will further help you identify the channels for developing your social media marketing strategies. Each channel has its best practices. Additionally, the ideal posting frequency and content type also vary based on social media channels. Therefore, you need to plan your strategies based on selected channels. Moreover, you may have to make minor changes in your content based on the platforms on which you are publishing.

Select the content type and format

Next, it is time to determine the type and format of the content you should create for your social media campaign. For instance, what type of content you should publsih? Should you collaborate with relevant influencers in your niche to promote your business? Orshould you ask your existing customers to share user-generated content? You can create smaller videos or attractive visual content to boost engagement.

Create a social media calendar

Creating a social media calendar can help you outline your content throughout your campaign. It will further ensure that you don’t miss out on anything significant. When creating a calendar, include

  • The type of content and format you plan to publish in a month
  • Post frequency with date & time
  • The social media channels you will publish your content on
  • Hashtags and links to use

Track your campaign performance and measure results

Once you create and publish your social media content, it is time to monitor their performance to measure the results. For instance, you can check the engagement rate for your posts. You can also use various tools to measure results on different platforms. It can include page likes, link clicks, post shares, etc. All these critical insights about your campaign can further help you modify your campaign to get better results.

How HireH Consulting Can Help?

HireH Consulting is a social media agency in Wallaceburg, Ontario. We can help build effective social media business marketing campaigns. Whether you are a start-up or own a large organization, we can help set your campaign goals. Further, we can help identify your target audience, analyze your campaign strategies and create appropriate social media content for your campaign. We regularly monitor your campaign performance and test different strategies to achieve better business results.