Why does your Business need a Website?

why business needs a website

A website is crucial for any business to build their online identity. Hence, you must build an appropriate website according to your business needs. Whether you need a blog website, eCommerce website, business website, or anything else, hire experienced web developers to build your website. In this regard, a web development company in Ontario, such as HireH Consulting, can help you.

8 Benefits of a Website for your Business

Your website offers the following benefits for your business. Let’s discuss them further.

24/7 online presence

A website allows your audiences to find you anytime online, even outside business hours. It implies that your website works round the clock to secure new customers. Besides, by implementing effective SEO strategies, your website can rank high on SERP for organic search results and drive relevant traffic. It further increases the likelihood of more lead generation and business conversion.


Having a website for your business can contribute to your business credibility. It allows you to communicate clearly to your audiences the products and services you offer and how they can be beneficial. Further, a website allows you to display critical aspects, such as client testimonials, a portfolio of your work, products and services, etc. All these social proofs can further help establish the credibility of your brand.

Access to a wider market

By building a website, you are making your business accessible to people across the globe. If you offer services that are not limited by geographical boundaries, your business can greatly benefit from a website. On the other hand, by creating locally relevant content for your website, you can also drive local customers to your businesses.

Customer insights

You can add analytics tools to your website. It will allow you to gather helpful insights about your website visitors, such as their demographics, preferences, interests, source of web traffic, etc. All these data can further help you make informed marketing decisions to improve your ROI and grow your business.

Marketing and Advertising

You can use social media and various organic and paid means to promote your website, and brand offers to relevant audiences. For instance, tools such as Google AdWords and social media advertising help you reach the right audiences, which further helps you generate more leads and convert them to businesses. Besides, organic means, such as SEO or social media marketing, help spread brand awareness, drive more web traffic, generate leads, and improve conversion and sales. Besides, eCommerce websites can also facilitate directly selling products and services, thereby increasing revenue generation.

Competitors are online

You need to accept that other businesses may also offer products and services similar to yours. Most of these competitors have their own websites. You are missing out on plenty of business opportunities by not having a website. To avoid this, you must build your website.

Online customer service

By creating a FAQ section on your website, you can address the common concerns of your potential customers. It further helps reduce customer service costs and saves you time and money.

Supports digital marketing efforts

You may have developed a digital marketing campaign to promote your business and brand offerings. A website can support your digital marketing efforts to get more leads and convert them into businesses. For instance, you can leverage the power of SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, etc., to drive traffic to your website and landing pages. Further, by serving relevant content on your website, you can help these visitors eventually convert into paying customers.

What is a poor-quality website?

As you have learned about the benefits of a website for your business, to completely experience it, you need to develop a high-quality and efficient website. Otherwise, regardless of how diverse your digital marketing strategies are, they cannot work well for a poorly built website. But what features make a website of poor quality? You need to look for the following features to determine the quality of your website.

Complicated navigation

Complicated navigation is one of the main reasons your web visitors might not feel encouraged to explore your website and leave to visit your competitor’s website. It can include features such as non-existent menus and unclear links, or visitors might click on many links to get the information they are looking for. All these aspects lead to poor user experience, which can further harm your search ranking.

Poor website design

Regardless of your business type, your website should appear clean and professional. It can be considered a poor website design if it appears messed up, has no break between different sections, has too many white spaces, etc. Your website should be aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Poor content

If your website has too little content, it may fail to hold your audience’s interest for long. Besides, it may be challenging to implement SEO strategies effectively, which further impacts your website’s SERP performance.

Slow loading speed

If your website takes too long to load, visitors might leave it even before it opens properly. It can further increase your website’s bounce rate, impacting your search rankings.

Unresponsive design

An unresponsive website design is when your website doesn’t resize or adjust according to the screen sizes or devices from where they are being accessed. Users who cannot view your website properly through mobile phones or other devices might leave it and visit your competitor’s site.

Lack of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, involves the process of optimizing your website for search engines and audiences. If you don’t follow SEO best practices when designing and developing your website, it can affect its search ranking and traffic. As a result, it can further harm opportunities for lead generation and business conversion.

Poor readability

If your website’s font size or typography is too hard to read, the contrast between the background and text colour is not high, the paragraphs don’t have any breaks, etc., then website visitors will not spend more time on your site.

Unclear call-to-action

If your website doesn’t have a clear call-to-action, your visitors will be unsure of the next action to take and leave your website. It can cause you to miss out on lead generation or sales opportunities.

Not secured

If your website is not secured, it will become vulnerable to malware and other threats. Besides, it will affect your website’s credibility. As a result, more web visitors will leave your site even before exploring it properly.

Disadvantages of a poor-quality website for your business

A poor-quality website can be harmful to your business in various ways. Let’s discuss them further.

Lack of credibility and trust

Based on your website’s appearance, your web visitors will likely form an impression about your brand. Hence, a poor-quality website will cause your audience to doubt your brand credibility and might not trust you. As a result, they will not be interested in your business or what you offer. It can reduce your chances of generating leads and growing sales and revenue.

Your Google ranking

No matter how impressive your SEO strategies are, a poor-quality website can ruin it all. As a result, despite your consistent SEO efforts, you might experience poor organic ranking or traffic results.

Increased bounce rate

A poorly designed website with a slow loading speed can frustrate your web visitors. As a result, they will leave your website before it opens properly. It will lead to an increased bounce rate. Further, search engines might consider it a signal that your website is not relevant, which may cause your SERP rankings to suffer.

Poor user experience

A poor-quality website will lead to a poor user experience, which can further harm your digital marketing efforts.

Loss in sales and revenue

The purpose of your website is to drive visitors, generate leads, and increase sales and conversion. However, a poor-quality website suffers from poor search ranking and traffic, which further leads to a loss in sales and revenue.

Customers might not give second chances

You need to understand that the market is competitive, and every opportunity you lose is a gain for your competitors. With poor website experience, your customers might not be interested in giving you a second chance and would rather move on to your competitors. In such cases, a website revamp or redesign may benefit you. In this regard, consult an SEO agency in Ontario to perform an SEO audit on your website. Based on their assessment, they can guide you on whether you would benefit from a website redesign or revamp.

Why should you not rely ONLY on Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing undoubtedly offers various benefits. However, relying only on social media marketing might not benefit your business. You also need to have a business website. Let’s discuss the limitations of relying only on social media marketing.

  • Limited reach – Social media channels have millions of users; however, not all of them might be relevant to your business. Besides, social media algorithms might limit your audience reach. As a result, depending solely on social media marketing might cause you to miss out on huge business opportunities.
  • Lack of control – Social media algorithms, features, policies, etc., continuously change. It implies that you will have limited control over your content and reach. It can further limit the type of posts you share or influence the visibility of your posts. Sometimes, social media channels can delete your account or might even restrict your access to your account.
  • Unreliable metrics – It might be difficult to measure social media metrics accurately. As a result, you may not clearly determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts or how your users interact with your content.
  • Lack of ownership – Social media platforms own the content you post on specific platforms. Since you have limited control over your social media content, a change in the policy or algorithm of these platforms might cause you to lose your data.

Hence, while social media marketing has benefits, businesses need their website to boost the performance of these marketing efforts.

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